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There are lots of fabrics made from the natural and man-made fibers. Every fabric gives you comfort and style with their amazing texture. The printed fabric comes with many alluring designs and patterns that used in the making of apparels and garments. If you are looking for the best and marvelous ranges of printed fabric, then here we mentioned some of the shop’s name with their respective city.

Printed Fabrics

  • Printed fabric manufacturers and wholesalers Mumbai:- Mumbai is the hub for style and fashionable clothing; you can find various collections of printed fabrics in the textile market of this city. If you are in search of shops in Mumbai that offer you the widest range of this fabric then here are some of the names of shops- toplone nets, rinwera designs, Mahavir fab tex, M.K textile, and many others.
  • Printed fabric manufacturers and wholesalers Ludhiana:- Ludhiana has a lot of wholesale market from where you find the best quality of the printed fabrics. The manufacturers and wholesalers of this city offer you this fabric at the reasonable price. Some of the names of shops are- Bharat knit fab, Pushp cloth marketing co, Ataw worldwide, Parveen fabrics, and many others with the  alluring selection.
  • Printed fabric manufacturers and wholesalers Kolkata:- When you visit Kolkata, take a look at its wholesale market where you find lots of varieties that catch your heart. The range of printed fabric comes in various designs and patterns and looks good on everyone. Some of the names of shops are- PMA handweaves Pvt Ltd, Niirisco world, RA fabrics, Tarun fabrics, and many others.Printed Fabrics
  • Printed fabric manufacturers and wholesalers Chennai:- The south region of India has a lot of varieties in every textile product. They have the fabulous ranges of the printed fabrics. Some of the names of shops are- PT exports, Ambica enterprises, Sri Padmavati patch work, Hemant designs, and several other shops.

We textile infomedia serves you all the information related to textile market. You will find all the manufacturers and wholesalers who offer you the best ranges of clothing at the best price. From the business profile of them, you can directly contact them and give your order online.

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The simplicity and specialty of the printed work on fabrics are unrivaled in the textile world. It is perhaps the most ancient kind of fabric designing. And thus holds a place of value among designer fabrics. The earliest kind of printing on the cloth was done through the wood-block printing method. It produced a continuous and similar pattern throughout either a section or the whole fabric. It is still used in several parts of India like the northeast and the south to achieve that unbroken and continuous look or print on fabric.Printed Fabrics

However, this traditional method of woodblock printing and other techniques have become obsolete against several machine based printings that are performed on fabric today. Machine printing allows isolation of particular places on the fabric and gives a complex yet unique print to the cloth in question. Prints today range from beautiful floral decorations to latest fads, fashion statements and also modern art inspired designs. Prints are done on all kinds of fabric like silk or cotton or pure cloths like georgette and chiffon. Several dye colors are used and hundreds and thousands of prints designs are executed on fabric.

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Printed Fabrics

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